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Last updated: July 6th, 2017
I love a hot mom who still has after she gave birth. And in this latest exploited moms videos, you will be amazed by this really sexy mommy. We met for a casual something, but before we knew she bend backward, offering us one tight ass to fuck and screw around. But we are at exploitedmoms.com, and after we were done tearing that loose dark cavern apart, we knew she had another one, sexier. We flipped her over and then we took turns cramming in our huge sausage as deep as possible into her wet twat. Check her out as her boobs can’t stop bouncing up and down from all that hard fuck we have to her.
But in addition to that single lady, we have some more sexy women in this video, and all of them are really eager to take a nice and deep cock pounding for the afternoon. Watch this nice little trailer with a compilation of our sexiest and horniest mature models taking some hard style fucks in the video and enjoy them all. If you want to watch the whole feature length movie, you just need to head on over to the site and watch it in it’s entirety today. We will bring you some more in the future as well but until then have fun with this nice video where you get to see some sexy and hot mature hotties fuck hard style just for you guys!

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ExploitedMoms videos – 49 yr. old Nicole Moore

Now this is what i call a good stretching. This hot momma was so horny and hungry, that she just couldn’t wait to take off her cloths and get fucked by the one and only Lex Steele. Just the kind of mom exploitedmoms videos likes. I wide opened her sexy long legs, and after some sexy fingering, to get her wet, i went deep into her, making sure she felt every push i gave to her. Check her out at exploited moms videos as her boobs keep on bouncing up and down, and she can’t stop screaming and moaning with pleasure. This is a must see and you get front row seats to the sex show today.

All we can say is, WOW, this babe sure knows how to still play hard core in bed. And even though she’s a single lady at her age, she still has lots of guys lining up to get to her. And given the fact that she still likes to fuck hard style we’re not really surprised. Watch closely as you get to see this babe have some hard style sex with a ebony dude and see her moaning in pleasure as she takes one hard style pussy pounding from the big black cock. And just as a side note, this sexy and cute babe doesn’t look her age at all, she looks a lot younger too. Enjoy her and have fun guys!

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45 Yr. Old Cara Lott

Check out this sexy momma at exploitedmoms.com as she gets as fucked, her pussy gets ripped apart and her mouth gets to have the taste of one huge sausage going deep into her mouth, and she doesn’t even gag at it. Now this is a true hard core scene. Miss Cara is one of the most sexy, hot and cock hungry women that we ever got to have here thus far. And today you also get to see this babe in her very awesome and superb scene as she fucks a black guy with a nice and big cock for the afternoon. And we know that you are really eager to see this babe fuck so let’s get started.

Cara did spend some time to tell you guys a bit about her, and you’ll get to learn, that this busty, cute and sexy mature woman just loves to fuck as much as she can. She said that the ladies fail to have proper fun with big cocks, and today she’s more than willing to demonstrate her little theory as she gets to have fun with that big and black cock. Watch this babe suck on it and then see her getting her legs spread to get a nice and deep fucking in the missionary position, and then watch her suck some more cock to make the guy blow his load all over her sexy and hot body today!

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Exploited Moms Felicia

Felicia is your typical mom, but one day she decided to do something wild and the result was a brand new exploited moms Felicia. Check her out as she gets every possible hall fucked and takes a full face frontal of cum from a huge black dick. This is a must see as Felicia is one hot and horny mature with short hair and one cock hungry pussy. And just how cock hungry her cunt is? Well you will surely see in this nice and hot little update today as she gets to fuck and suck on that big black cock of the guy that she’ll get down and dirty with for today. So let’s get started.


exploited moms feliciaWhen the cameras start to roll, this babe wastes no time to get to work, and she goes straight for the guy’s big dick. Watch her sucking and slurping on it today and enjoy the superb show that they put on. See the cock hungry momma as she deep throats that huge cock and then see her riding it with her tight and wet pussy for the afternoon. And of course this wouldn’t have a nice ending without this hot and horny babe if she didn’t get more. Watch her pull out before he blows his load and watch her take it all over her face and big tits this nice afternoon everyone. Like hot Lady Sonia, this slutty mature woman loves swallowing big loads of warm cum! Goodbye and see you next time!

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ExploitedMoms Bunny

Bunny is one hot blonde momma, who would do just about anything for a good cock deep into her ass, and a cum all over her pretty face. And in this latest exploitedmoms she gets plenty of those two. Check her out as she toys with one large cock, licking it and then fully sucking it like it was a candy on a hard stick. But she is really hungry and she she crams that monster as deep as possible into her tight wet pussy, making herself moan and scream with pleasure. Don’t miss her along with MILF Mia on a brand new exploited moms videos. Well we know you are eager to see this babe work that cock so let’s get started without further delays shall we?

Bunny can sure handle her own with a nice and big dick, and for today’s scene you get to see this babe get wild and naughty for the cameras while he has all the fun that she wants to have today. Watch her as she goes for a nice and long deep throat session with that big cock before letting the guy fuck her nice and properly in her ass and pussy today. But before the guy could blow his load, this sexy babe takes out his dick and gives it another good suck, and the guy ends up blowing his load all over this babe’s face and mouth today. Enjoy it guys and expect to see more next week!

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Exploited moms Anni May

Anni May is a serious respectable woman. By day. Cause by  night she becomes the main character in the latest exploited moms Anni May. She loves to tease her men, to toy with them and to make them as hard and as horny as possible. But once they get their hands on her it is pay back time. And what a pay back.This black dude had no mercy on her ass, and really crammed his black monster as deep as possible into her, not carrying about anything. But Anni must have really loved, cause she rolled over and begged for some more black fuck. This is the kind of girl we want on exploitedmoms videos.

76 yr old grandma gets exploited exploited moms anni may gets her ass pounded hard

Even though this babe is older than the guy fucking her today, and by quite a lot, she still has one superb body for her age, and her pussy still works good enough to get pleasure out of sex. Watch as the stud does a fine job to take off this sexy babe’s clothes and see her gorgeous and luscious curves exposed fully today. We think taht you will enjoy seeing this cock hungry babe fuck this guy today and you can see just how hard she likes to party when she fucks. So sit back and watch Anni as she also takes a balls deep anal fuck from the stud this afternoon as well. We’ll be seeing you guys next week with fresh content! Until then enter the grannyghetto.org site and see other grannies getting roughly hammered!

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45 Yr. Old Kayla

Check out this hot momma at exploitedmoms.com with her really huge boobs getting her tight ass ripped apart by one big horny monster who cares about nothing than cumming all over her but. But she must have loved it, cause she let him do the same thing to her wet pussy for today. Miss Kayla once one of the Exploited Teens, as you can see is a very sexy and hot mature woman, and this hot babe packs a killer pack of huge and round tits that would just love to get played with any time. Rest assured that the guy she’d get it on with would take great care of her and her huge tits today and you get to see it all.

As the scene starts off, you can see miss Kayla as she poses around and teases you guys with her sexy and hot little outfit today. She loves posing naked for the video camera, just like the chicks Dorian and Morgana from the girlsoutwest.com blog! It was composed of a sexy black strapless dress that sure put her big tits in value today and she was only wearing her though high stockings without any bra or panties underneath her dress. After she’s done showing off her sexy curves the dude comes in the picture as well and he’s more than ready to give this babe a proper dicking. Watch the stud fuck her ass doggie style as she moans in pleasure of the thorough fucking that she gets for today.

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Exploited Moms Ellen

When you first see Ellen and her hubby, you could say that they are the normal boring couple. But little do you know that she is the main character in this latest exploited moms ellen. This naughty couple got all crazy and wild once the kids were out of the house and the fucked all over the place and in every  position possible. Just the way we like at exploitedmoms.com. This is a real wife stories.He fucked her deep into her pussy on the couch, spreading her legs as wide as possible.He bended her over and crammed his black sausage hard into her ass, and then made her have a taste of his white cum as he ejaculated all over her pretty face, having a taste of his yummi cum. Check them at exploited moms videos and then get the kids out of the house as soon as possible.

exploited moms ellen gets hammered by a big black cock

Well this babe sure has it covered. She had all the fun she wanted with this stud, and the guy couldn’t be more happy to fuck this curvy and sexy MILF in this afternoon’s update. You get to see this nice babe as she works that cock as hard as she can, and she starts off the scene with a nice cock sucking and deep throating session to get the guy nice and hard for her sweet pussy. Watch her take his cock in her pussy with her legs spread open, and then see her riding that meat pole as she climbs on top of the guy sitting on the couch. We hope that you’ll love it and we’ll see you next time!

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ExploitedMoms Mishka

Check out sexy looking Mishka in this latest exploitedmoms Mishka. This time we coupled her with one horny wild dude, who fucked the shit out of her. We’re all aware that milfs like it big. They may have started a little slow, but once he was hard he fucked her deep into her pussy, making her twat all wet and moisture and full of cum. And as if was not enough, he made her have a taste of his jiiz, with a full face frontal. Poor Mishka. Check her out at exploited moms videos today and enjoy as this curvy and hot lady gets some hard cock in that eager pussy of hers for the afternoon today everyone.

This sexy lady sure loves her cock, and she sais that the bigger it is the better. So to give her something nice and big to ride today we presented her with a nice black dude packing one big and solid back cock that’s sure to please her. Watch her as she allows the dude to play around with her big and round tits and enjoy as she then takes her and the dude’s clothes off to get this show started. Watch the mature babe spread open her sexy legs to let the stud fuck her pussy balls deep missionary style for the afternoon and then at the end see her gorgeous face and tits covered in his sticky jizz everyone. Bye!

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Exploited Moms Mercy

Mercy is a hot momma who has really huge boobs, and she loves to show them around. In this latest exploited moms mercy she shoved them to one hungry black who started licking them and sucking on her nipples, until they were all hard and pointy. But he didn’t stop there, cause it felt so damn good. Well this horny mature still wants to show off that she can still hold her own with the stud nowadays, and let’s just say that she makes one fine job at it too. We let her have her fun with this black stud with a big cock and this MILF was simply overjoyed to get to have him all to herself.

exploited moms mercy getting tit fucked

The older babe still has a trick or two up her sleeve and she’s about to show this stud that she can still fuck hard style with guys half her age. So let’s watch her and the guy have some wild times today everyone. Watch as the guy simply must feast on her big and round breasts today and see her moaning as the guy sucks on them today. Watch closely as then this babe has the stud lay on his back as the takes her spot on top of his big dick today. And of course then you get to see the babe ride his dick hard style for the rest of this awesome scene today. So just enjoy it and see you next week! Until then, enter the public invasion site and see other hot ladies getting drenched in cum!

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